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The craft beer scene in Mexico has evolved radically in the past couple of years.  Nowadays, the variety offered is enormous, therefore, it is a hard decision to choose which one to try. “Itañeñe y Patacán” is a young craft brewery that shares with us its hard-earned wisdom and love for beer. Its master brewers not only strive to produce high quality products, but they take their passion to the next level —  using mexican ingredients to create beers with surprisingly enticing flavors.

This experience is ideal for everyone who enjoys drinking beer and is eager to learn more about this special drink.  It is an opportunity to gain more knowledge on the processes involved in production led by an expert in an accessible manner and a relaxed environment.


Try seasonal beers crafted with the best ingredients available

Meet the Master Brewers behind Itañeñe y Patacán´s creative blends

Relax and forget the real world while your senses are awakened by these succulent blends

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Trip Details


$30USD per person

Availability & departure time

Thursday through Saturday at 5:00pm and 7:00pm

Meeting point

Cervecería Itañeñe y Patacán, Calzada de las armas 11 Providencia,02440, Mexico City, CDMX


2 hours

Group size

Minimum 2 people, maximum 10 people

Traveling with a group larger than 10? We’ve got you covered! Email us at


  • A 12oz beer of your preference
  • A taster with 4 different beers (4oz each)
  •  Snacks to go with the taster (this is not a full meal) 
  • Filtered water throughout the tour

Not included

  • Transport to/from the meeting and end points of the tour
  • Souvenirs
  • Tip for your guide
  • Additional personal beverages, outside what’s included on the tour itinerary

What to bring

  • Tip for your guide if desired

Participation requirements

Alcohol can only be served to adults (must be at least 18 years old to drink). Still, families with under aged children are welcome to this activity.

Staff on tour

You’ll be accompanied by one of our local, bilingual culinary guides. Each has a degree in gastronomy and has worked in local kitchens. They’ll enrich your experience by sharing their knowledge of Mexico City’s food and beer scene, their own personal traditions, and the brewery story. Read more about our guides here

This tour also includes the services of the brewery staff to guide you through the beer tasting.

At the start of the tour, our guide, who is a gastronomy expert, will greet you with a refreshing beer of your choosing.  While you savor this beer,  our guide will talk about the basics of how beer is made, its origin and different styles.  You will walk through the premises, learning about this whole new world of possibilities. Have you ever tasted malt or smelled hop? During this tour, you will be able to experience both of these and understand how these ingredients impact the final result.

Afterwards, you will take a seat and enjoy a tasting with four different craft beers produced in the brewery.  The tasting will guide you through a trip of the senses where you will experience a wide  array of flavors and aromas that come from beer.  A salty snack will be served to accompany the drinks.  

Once the experience is over, you will have understood firsthand the processes involved in the production of one of the world´s favorite alcoholic drinks.  You will be able to appreciate the effort involved in creating quality beer since Itañeñe y Patacán has earned a very special spot in Mexico City´s beer community and many renowned prizes.

  • This tour is conducted indoors.  However, clients must be able to walk down a flight of stairs.  The premises have good ventilation and air conditioning.  There is NOT a lot of walking involved and chairs are always available.  It is not a strenuous activity tour.
  • Guests must be at least 18 years old to drink beer; however,  depending on the availability, the brewery might be able to offer non alcoholic beverages. 
  • It’s best not to come hungry…. Since alcohol will be served since arrival, it is a better idea to have eaten something beforehand.  There will be a snack, but it will be towards the end of the tour.
  • Mexico City´s rush hour starts at 5pm and can last two to three hours, so it may take you a while to arrive at the meeting point. Please allow more time than you think you will need to arrive 10 minutes early.
  • We like to blend in with the locals. Dress in comfortable clothing, and leave any flashy or expensive clothes and jewelry at home. 
  • Vegetarians can be accommodated on this tour
  • Feel free to bring your own water bottle. 

2 hours.


Yes, it all happens in the same location:Cervecería Itañeñe y Patacán, Calzada de las armas 11 Providencia,02440, Mexico City, CDMX




The tour includes a 12oz beer plus a beer taster with 4 varieties (4oz each). You are always welcome to order more beer or buy some cans to go at your own expense. Feel free to bring your growler to take some beer home. 




If you plan to tip your guide, you should bring enough cash to cover that—about 10 to 15 percent is standard. You can also buy beer at the end of the tour, they take cash and credit cards. 




Of course! Our guides are culinary experts and speak perfect English.




The activity is focused on beer, but if you don’t drink alcohol the brewery might be able to offer you other options such as kombucha or tepache (fermented pineapple drink) but take into account that this is subject to availability. 



We strongly recommend arriving and leaving on an Uber or similar transportation service. The area is not touristy at all, and we do not suggest walking around the neighborhood at all. Azcapotzalco is a lively neighborhood with lots of movement, however, the locals do not recommend walking around the streets because of safety reasons. The brewery is perfectly safe, but the surrounding area is not tourist friendly.  It is also not advisable to park cars on the street since we cannot be responsible for any damages


We strongly discourage you booking this tour on the same day you arrive as many of our guests end up delayed at the airport and miss their tour—either because of a flight delay or they’re stuck waiting in line in immigration or customs. Due to the small-group nature of our tours, we’re not able to offer full refunds to clients who cancel at the last minute, and we don’t grant exceptions for flight delays. If your flight is delayed, we will try to accommodate you on a different tour on another day, but that depends entirely on our availability. 



The minimum number of clients to run the tour is 2.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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