Tortilla Class & Workshop

Unique “Only in Mexico” Experience

Hands-On Learning

Corn Deep-Dive

Corn tortillas are the bedrock of Central Mexican cooking, but several native Mexican corn strains are now in danger of disappearing. In this unique workshop and class, you’ll learn the history and importance of Mexican corn and what’s needed to save the heirloom strains from extinction. You’ll also make your own tortillas under the guidance of a true expert.


Make tortillas and learn the ancient technique of Nixtamal

Observe—and participate actively– in the journey that starts with dried corn kernels and ends with the tortilla itself

Learn how to make salsa in a molcajete (ancient volcanic stone mortar)

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Trip Details


  • 75 USD ($1,500 MXN)
  • Private per person: 90 USD ($1,800 MXN)

Departure time

5 pm

Meeting point

Catita Pan y Café, on Dr. José María Vertiz 997, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez

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Tuesday through Saturday


1½  to 2 hours

Group size

Minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people


  • The workshop and all the ingredients for tortillas, quesadillas and salsa that you will make
  • Agua fresca

Not included

  • Transport to/from Catita Pan y Café
  • Souvenirs
  • Tip for your guide
  • Additional personal beverages, outside what’s included on the tour itinerary

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Tip for your guide if desired

Staff for this experience

This activity is held at Catita Pan y Café, a specialty coffee shop and Mexican bakery. It’s led by our local, bilingual culinary guides with deep dive knowledge on corn. Each has a degree in gastronomy and/or has worked in local kitchens. They’ll enrich your experience by sharing their knowledge of Mexico City’s food scene and their own personal traditions. Read more about our guides here.

Mexico City Food Tour: Tortilla Class & Workshop

On this activity you will start by listening to a short, engaging lecture on why Mexican corn matters and how heirloom corn strains are disappearing. From there you’ll learn about the process of nixtamal, an essential part of transforming corn into tortillas, and you’ll grind your own heirloom corn on the metate, an ancestral Mexican volcanic-rock grinding stone. Then you will make your own tortilla, cook it fresh on the comal, and transform it into a delicious quesadilla. To top your quesadilla, you will make your own salsa using a molcajete.

At Eat Mexico we have carefully designed this experience because we think it is a very relevant topic to share. Generally, the tortillas that are sold in most places lack the quality and nutritional content of ancient, handmade tortillas. We believe it is crucial that people all around the world understand the importance of the Nixtamal process and how to look for high quality elaboration, since this has an important impact on the tortilla´s nutritional value.

When you are done with this experience, you can easily take part in one of our best selling tours: Narvate At Night Tacos Chelas & Mezcal; which starts just a couple of blocks away from Catita Pan y Café (about a 10 minute walk). Use the coupon MULTIPLE and get a 10% discount if you book both activities.

If you’re a home cook who wants to learn more about Mexican food, or you’re simply curious about an ingredient that cuts across all areas of Mexican gastronomy, this experience is for you.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. In order to use the metate, participants will be on their knees for a few minutes. If you have knee problems we can help you during this part of the process.
  • This activity features a small lecture in the beginning and a hands-on class at the end.
  • This activity has enough food for a light snack.

1 ½ to 2  hours.

The food arrives toward the end of the experience and it’s enough for a light snack. You will still want an additional dinner later.

Yes, in case you want to leave a tip for your guide. Catita Pan y Café takes credit cards and cash if you want to order specialty coffee, craft beer, Mexican bread, and other drinks during, or after, the experience.

 Of course! All our guides speak perfect English.

You can take any ride-share service.

 The Narvarte neighborhood is a quiet, residential area. Catita Pan y Café opened their coffee shop there in 2022. To date, we’re not aware of any issues with violence or petty theft in the area.

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