At Eat Mexico, we’re committed to making our tours as sustainable as possible. For us, that means reducing our carbon footprint and trying to make a difference in the community where we operate.


All of the eating utensils that we offer clients — including cups, napkins, and tasting spoons — are made from biodegradable materials. We recently phased out the use of water bottles on our tours and instead use ultra-durable TPU water bottles that we fill and refill with purified water throughout each of our tours.


Every year, we donate a portion of our yearly profits to local organizations that provide on-the-ground services to help communities across Mexico City and central Mexico. One organization, Acopio Pilares 770, helps families who are still rebuilding their lives after the 2017 earthquake that devastated central Mexico. We also donate via Global Giving(opens in a new tab) to Mexican nonprofits, and we give direct in-kind donations within Mexico to organizations that are working to fight hunger and empower women in Mexico. In 2018, our donation to Alimento Para Todos, Mexico City’s biggest food bank, helped provide food for nearly 1,200 families.

At checkout on select tours, clients can also make a direct donation to nonprofits operating in neighborhoods where we give tours — organizations that are helping improve the quality of life for local residents.


Within our team itself, we pay our guides and administrative staff a living wage—among the highest in the industry in Mexico. We offer yearly bonuses and paid continuing education opportunities. We also have a profit-sharing model for our guides who wish to design their own routes. We recognize that our tours would not exist without our vendors, and we compensate them fairly both for their products and their time.

It’s an ongoing mission for us to continue to think and act on furthering sustainability across our company, products, and brand.